Molecular Manipulation (also coined Matter Mastery)[1] is the power to manipulate matter on a molecular level. Apparently, this power involves manipulating the speed of molecules: from slowing them down to the point where things freeze to speeding them up to induce heat or vibration.

Types of Molecular Manipulation

Molecular Acceleration

Molecular Acceleration is the ability to speed up the movement of molecules, causing them to become disordered and, in most cases, rapidly heat up. This ability can be seen as the opposite of Molecular Inhibition. While practicing her new powers, Mel discovered she could also cause things to heat up, boiling water in under thirty seconds, and thawing out ice.[2] Mel has also used her powers to heat up a gun without discharging it.[3] Mel has also shown the ability to speed up molecules in order to create a vibration effect without causing the object to heat up.[4] Mel's control over her powers was later shown when she used them to heat up a door's hinge and cut through it without outside assistance.[5] With enough focus and concentration, Mel has also been shown to use this ability to heat up a being until it explodes.[6]

Molecular Inhibition

Molecular Inhibition is the ability to completely stop the movement of molecules, causing them to lose their energy and solidify, resulting in ice. Mel used this aspect of her power firstly to unwittingly freeze an entire being in a sheet of ice.[7] Unlike Mel's previous "freezing" power, temporal stasis, which is the ability to cause time to completely stop, this power causes immobility by slowing down molecules until they become motionless and ice over. However, this power has also proven quite ineffective against powerful beings, as most are able to break free almost immediately and are shown to be very resistant to being frozen. Mel has also shown the ability to channel this power in the form of icy blasts from her hands rather than manipulating a specific object or being. This is done presumably by manipulating the air molecules in front of her and has proven quite useful against fire and pyrokinetic abilities.[8] She later demonstrated this ability by creating two, sharp icicles which floated by her hands.[9]


In "The Rules of Engagement", Mel Vera discovers the roots of a black amber tree growing upside-down in the Command Center. Since the amber sap was used to make Jordan Chase's ring, which awakened Maggie Vera's ability to foresee the future, Mel tries to use it to channel her freezing power, but it doesn't work. Later on, while trying to save Jordan from Parker, Mel tries to freeze Parker out of habit and to her surprise, Parker momentarily freezes in a sheet of ice before breaking out. Harry reveals that the power is called "Molecular Manipulation."

As she practiced her powers in "Guess Who's Coming to SafeSpace Seattle", Mel showed she could rapidly boil water, while also suggesting her power should be called "Matter Mastery". She later demonstrated her powers to her father, Ray Vera, by freezing his drink before it spilled, and unfreezing it after turning the glass right-side up.

In "Curse Words", Mel was able to cause a gun to heat up like a burner on a stove, burning the hand of a female black market dealer who was threatening her father and causing her to drop the gun. Mel attempted to use her powers to stop the dealers from escaping with a vial of black amber, though she was stopped by Ray out of fear of exposure.

In order to stop Harry from killing her with a knife after he contracted a demonic illness in "Dance Like No One is Witching", Mel manipulated the knife's molecules to vibrate enough to knock it from Harry's hand. Mel later used her freezing aspect of this power to freeze one half of Maggie's baton, in conjunction with Macy using her pyrokinesis on the other half, to create an electrical current to restart Jordan's heart.

In "Sudden Death", Mel used her powers to partially melt a candle during their attempt to restore the Power of Three. She later used her powers to heat up and cut through a locked door's hinges like a blowtorch. After the monster that had been created by the experiments of Vivienne Laurent's organization escaped from its containment and tried to destroy the bottle holding Harry Greenwood's Darklighter, Mel used her powers to attempt to freeze the magic amalgamation.

When Bruce, a member of the organization, pulled a gun on Maggie in "Third Time's the Charm", Mel used her powers to heat up his gun, causing him to drop it. After Bruce unveiled a second magic-infused monster, Mel attempted to speed up the monster's molecules. However, he is immune to her heating powers. Later, when battling the monster again, Mel tried to freeze him, encasing his head in ice momentarily before he broke out of it.

Mel used her ability in "Search Party" to heat a potion that Abigael was making, which caused a minor explosion.

In order to infiltrate the Fort Easton Power Site in "Don't Look Back in Anger", Mel manipulated the molecules of a door control panel to burn out the circuitry, allowing her, her father, and Maggie to get in. She later went to use her powers against Julian Shea and his men, but Ray told her not to, as there were too many of them.

While fighting Chupa-Alma in "You Can't Touch This", after Macy immobilized the creature and Maggie calmed it down, Mel used her powers to heat Chupa-Alma up. As she kept her concentration up, the creature eventually exploded.

In "Yew Do You", Mel manipulated a puddle of spilt Yew Potion in order to change it into a liquid mirror. This led to the being she and her sisters were facing, Omon, to touch his reflection, vanqiushing him.

Due to Abigael asking her for help, as she was being attacked in her sleep repeatedly in "Private Enemy No. 1", Mel agreed to stay at Abigael's apartment in order to find out what was attacking her. However, Mel was briefly distracted and saw Abigael's bedroom had been set alight. Mel shouted for Abigael to wake up, before shooting ice toward the fire in order to extinguish it. Mel would later use her freezing power to counteract a burst of flame sent at her by Abigael, who was still asleep and in her demonic form, before managing to overpower the flames and knock Abigael back.

Similar Powers


Cryokinesis is the ability to decrease temperatures, generate frost and project ice.

Heat Generation

Heat Generation is the ability to raise temperatures and generate dangerously high levels of heat.

Known Users

Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.


  • In the original series, this was an ability that was broken into several branches. It is the case in the rebooted series as well, though the branching appears to be somewhat different.
    • Also in the original series, this was Piper Halliwell's main power, as her freezing and explosion powers were based on the manipulation of molecules, as opposed to Mel Vera's original power being based on the manipulation of time.
  • Mel's ability to literally freeze things by slowing down molecules until they are completely motionless is similar to when Piper briefly became a Warlock in the episode, Bride and Gloom, of the original series where her powers turned evil and as such encased beings in ice.



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