Mortal is a term used to label beings that are susceptible to aging and death, the opposite of immortal. Human beings, including most witches, are mortal.

Non-magical Mortals

The term mortal is commonly used to denote non-magical humans. These mortals are considered neutral beings due to their lack of any magical abilities or affiliation with good or evil. The majority of these mortals are ignorant of the world of the supernatural and live their lives in normalcy. This makes them vulnerable to attacks and manipulation by supernatural beings, but groups like the Sarcana or the Elders make sure they stay protected while remaining in the dark on magic.

Gaining magical abilities

Non-magical mortals are capable of becoming magical through at least a couple means;

  • By imbuing them with powers through Power Granting.
  • Being possessed by magical beings or gaining access to magical artifacts.

Magical Mortals

While most mortals are ordinary human beings, a vast number of humans like witches are gifted with magic. Although generally not referred to as mortals, these humans are still susceptible to death. Other magical beings, such as Whitelighters, are no longer mortals due to having died and being resurrected as immortal beings.

Some mortals may receive powers like clairvoyance or mediumship without developing any other magical power. Mama Roz, a psychic, helped Macy in discovering her darkness, which may indicate that some mortals have more knowledge of magic and witchcraft than others. Kat, the owner of a witch shop in SafeSpace, Seattle, was not aware of her powers as a medium until she unknowingly went to the astral plane, through Astral Projection Tea.

It has also been revealed that mortals cursed by witches carry a certain magical mark that remains with them until the curse is lifted.[1]


  • Mortality: Mortals have weaknesses and are susceptible to any form of death (e.g. age, decapitation, disease, heart-failure, suffocation, etc).
  • Magic: Mortals are susceptible to the effects of magic. Even magical mortals, such as witches, are susceptible to the very magic that they possess.

Notable Non-magical Mortals

Those Who Are Aware of Magic:

Those Who Are Unaware of Magic:

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