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Nadia is a mortal scientist and a black market buyer belonging to a mysterious faction of mortals that knows of the existence of magic.


Throughout the Series

Season 2

In "Curse Words", Nadia and a righthand man meets with Ray Vera after learning that he is alive. She acted as a buyer for the black market that he owed artifacts. When she aimed to shoot him, Ray handed over a small vial of black amber. She proceeded to threaten him until Mel Vera intervened by causing her gun to heat up until she dropped it. Nadia and her companion escape, as Ray prevents Mel from using her powers further in public.
Later, she is shown in a laboratory pumping the black amber through an IV into a dead rabbit, causing it to come back to life.

In "Dance Like No One is Witching", Nadia is approached by Jordan Chase and Maggie Vera about selling a weapon from Jimmy. Whilst Jordan was willing to do so, Maggie was skeptical about just handing it over without knowing anything about the organization that Nadia worked for. Nadia offered them a green drug, and Maggie made excuses not to ingest it. It is later revealed that the drug was actually Darklighter Poison which allowed a Shaman to take in the life forces of everyone at the party to use for a Resurrection Spell on a deceased male in a coffin. When Maggie destroys the staff, the spell ended but not before resurrecting the man.
Later, she is seen on the phone with an unknown person about the results of the resurrection.

In "The Enemy of My Frenemy", when Harry Greenwood and Jordan infiltrated the faction, Harry runs into Nadia and she mistakes him for Jimmy, kissing him. To keep his cover intact, Harry pretended to be Jimmy, ultimately resulting in Jordan being stranded in Idaho with no way back to Seattle as he and Nadia depart the facility.


Physical Appearance

Nadia is a beautiful white woman with blue eyes and long red hair. She appears to be in her mid to late twenties.





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