Necromancy is a branch of divination that allows users to gain information by calling upon the deceased. This form of divination is exclusive to beings known as Necromancers.


Although some may believe that a Necromancer's abilities are limited to only acquiring information from the dead, most – if not all – Necromancers have the ability to resurrect the dead. This form of divination was highly distrusted by magical authorities, particularly the Elders, as Necromancers are known to consort with demons. They believed Necromancy to be dark magic, and opposed those who practice it.[1]

According to Knansie, Necromancers use their craft to reverse death by tapping into forces of both light and dark magic, though this can result in an unbalance and shred the resurrected being's sanity. Resurrection through Necromancy comes with a price, a sacrifice of some sort, that must be repaid to the "spirits" that are invoked.


It's unknown if there is an entry on Necromancy in the Book of Shadows, but there is an entry in Marisol Vera's book titled Ceremonies for the Resurrection of the Dead.

If history proves truth Necromancers have lived among us since the beginning. And while some believe their powers are limited to channeling information through the dead, there are those who believe that Necromancers have the ability to restore life to those once living.

Those walk among us, the living dead (unpronounceable) channel the resurrected (unpronounceable) of the dead and the undead (unpronounceable) may call upon a Necromancer.

To do this you will need the proper ingredients listed and must carry out the instructions with care and order. Any mistake may incur a Deadly Consequence.

Known Necromancers

References from the Original Charmed

  • The Necromancer was a vanquished demon whose soul lingered in the afterlife and fed on the souls of magical beings to temporarily return to life until he was vanquished by the Charmed Ones' grandmother, Penny Halliwell.


  1. Charity referred to Necromancy as the darkest of magics in Memento Mori.
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