Needs to Know is the twelfth episode of the second season of Charmed and the thirty-fourth episode of the series overall. It premiered on February 7, 2020.


WHAT THE HEART DESIRES – A mysterious SOS call from Whitelighter Helen (Azura Skye) draws Harry (Rupert Evans), Mel (Melonie Diaz), Macy (Madeleine Mantock) and Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) into a perilous conflict with Darklighter Helen. In an attempt to reignite the Power of Three, Macy resorts to drastic measures.




Main Cast

Guest Cast


  • June B. Wilde as Nurse
  • Paul Vos as Richard
  • Kalvin Olafson as Man
  • Chris Ang as Tulipe Guard

Magical Notes



  • Foresight: Used by Maggie to see Helen's Darklighter is Plymouth, Massachusetts at an intersection, and later to see Helen's Darklighter about to attack Harry Greenwood.
  • Healing: Used by Harry in an attempt to heal Helen.
  • Orbing: Used by Harry to travel.
  • Portal Creation: Used by Harry and Maggie through the use of the Command Center to travel.
  • Power Absorption: Used by Abigael through the use of a demonic power stripping ritual to steal Macy's demonic powers.
  • Pyrokinesis: Used by Abigael to burn a plate of food, and later to demonstrate to Parker Caine that she stole Macy's demonic powers for herself.
  • Telekinesis: Used by Abigael to levitate Parker and hold him against the roof of his cage.


  • Black Amber: Magical tree sap. Used by Macy in an attempt to reawaken her witch powers.
  • Book of Elders: The Elders' tome of magical knowledge. Macy attempted to look through it, but was interrupted by Darklighter Helen.
  • Power Cuffs: Cuffs that negate magical powers. Abigael had Parker wear one while in her captivity.
  • Ritual Dagger: A dagger/knife used for the Demonic Power Stripping Ritual. Used by Abigael to complete the ritual and remove Macy's demonic powers.


Unanswered Questions

  • Will Macy regain her witch powers?
  • Will Macy tell Maggie that Parker is still alive?

References to the Original Charmed

  • Macy learns Parker is alive, following his alleged death, and chooses to keep it a secret. In the original series, Phoebe helped fake Cole's death, and concealed the truth from her sisters.
  • Macy's powers are stolen by Abigael. In the original series, the Charmed Ones' powers were stolen on multiple occasions.

Production Notes

  • The episode was watched by 0.57 million U.S. viewers.
  • The title of this episode is a reference to "Need to Know", also known as NTK, a technology newsletter published from 1997 to 2007. This can also be a reference to the song of the same name by the British record producer Mark Wilkinson.


Macy: Maybe that's why I don't have my witch powers back. I'm being punished for experiencing joy.

Macy: Women finally have a say in how things go. Let's not resort to the same nonsense men have been perpetuating for centuries.

Maggie: The world isn't black and white. It's shades of gray.
Harry: I'm a Whitelighter. I'm programmed not to have gray.




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