Orbing is a form of the power of teleportation, allowing the user to teleport by collapsing into/emerging from an orb of white light. This power seems to be exclusive to Whitelighters.


Orbing is assumed to be a basic power of all Whitelighters. Whitelighters are able to teleport with other beings and objects through physical contact, though this is said to deplete their magical energy.[1]

Known Users

Original Power
Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.

Related Powers


  • This power is the first mode of teleportation seen onscreen.
  • The visual effects for Orbing in this series are very different than in the original series. When someone orbed in the original series, they turned into a swarm of blue and white orbs that usually rose upwards or sunk downwards, depending on the direction the being is going. In the reboot, Whitelighters transport in a similar fashion as the wizards of Harry Potter do via Disapparition, however, it is still referred to as "Orbing."
  • In Kappa Spirit, Harry reveals that he can orb into midair and grab someone mid-teleportation, although he does think of it as "a bit unorthodox".
  • In The Replacement, Tessa refers to orbing as "western magic". In the original series, the sisters referred to witchcraft several times as "western magic", which they described as separated from "eastern thinking", which is more ritualistic.
  • In the first season, the sound effect of Orbing was akin to a rustling whoosh. The second season changed this to a more coarse grinding type of sound.



  1. This is stated only once; however, in subsequent episodes, Harry has been shown to orb with other beings with relatively no depletion of energy.
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