The Password Spell is a spell used to get through the passwords on protected devices such as cellular phones and computers.


The spell is used by sprinkling herbs over the intended computer keyboard or cellular phone and chanting the words to make it put in the password on its own.


Book of Shadows Version

In Keep Calm and Harry On, Macy Vaughn used it to gain access to Julia Wagner's computer to find out what she and Alastor's family were scheming.

Mel Vera, in Maggie Vera’s body, used the spell to access the phone of one of the victims of the gorgon, Medusa, in Switches & Stones in order to find out what they were looking at before Medusa’s attack.

In Ambush, Maggie used it to access Lucy's phone to search for clues and learned that she had been in contact with a specific number.

  • Incantation: Revelate.
    • English Translation: Revealed.

Book of Elders Version

In Deconstructing Harry, Harry accidentally stumbled upon the spell when he was attempting to translate the Book of Elders. Upon pronouncing the word, a spider came out from the book and went behind a drawer, revealing a secret safe.

  • Incantation: Tessera.
    • English Translation: Password.



  • To lock the devices again, one simply needed to wave their hand on the screen.
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