Past is Present is the seventh episode of the second season of Charmed and the twenty-ninth episode of the series overall. It premiered on November 22, 2019.


HELP IS ON THE WAY – Harry (Rupert Evans) and Macy (Madeleine Mantock) make a startling discovery; Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) teams up with Abby (Poppy Drayton) against an unlikely foe. Mel (Melonie Diaz) must save Kat (guest star Shiva Kalaiselvan) from an uncertain fate.


This episode starts with everyone trying to figure out what the story is with Jordan. Maggie and Jordan are boxing in the gym, and she takes him to a cloth that he wiped his forehead with because she needs his sweat to do a spell to find about him. After performing the spell, they find out he had a curse put on him by a witch and assume he must have done something bad to warrant that. There is a message on the switchboard saying that there is danger in the Sacred Grove. They go there and see that someone has killed the dryads, which protect the grove.

The sacred fruit is also missing, which can be used to ward against magic. They think it was Abigail and find her. She says it was not her, but Parker and she and Maggie go to him, and he is now the Overlord. Maggie and Abigail are taken away by guards, but Parker tells them not to talk Maggie away. They speak, and Parker says he wanted to be the overlord so he could stop the fighting between the different bloodlines.

Meanwhile, Macy and Harry are still trying to figure out why Jordan had a curse put on him, and Harry puts a cloning potion on his ring and takes the clone. They perform a spell to see the history of the ring, and they see one of Jordan’s ancestors was a witch hunter and put a curse on him for five generations of males in his family to die at 25.

Harry asks how old Jordan is, and Macy tells him he’s 25. Mel sees Katrina again, and she says she is leaving because she hears voices, and her mother is taking her to a hospital. Mel brings her to her house and shows her a video of her mother. Katrina recognizes her voice, and Mel tells her she is a medium.

Meanwhile, Maggie is still with Parker, and Abigail has been taken into custody. They are trying to figure out who made the fruit and give Abigail truth serum. She says she took the fruit, and she will not stop trying to kill Parker. Parker wants to execute her, and Maggie talks him out of it, and he agrees to strip her powers and keep her in the imprisoned.

Parker says he wants Maggie to stay, and they would work well together since they were able to find a way to deal with Abigail without bloodshed.  Parker then asks Maggie to marry him. In the end, the demon who was working with Maggie and Parker, Godric, goes to Abigail, and it is revealed that he took the fruit and gave some to Abigail so she would not be affected by the truth serum.


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Magical Notes


  • Catoptromancy Spell
    • Used by Abigael to enchant a mirror to show Parker to Maggie, Macy and Harry.
  • Demonic Power Stripping Ritual
    • Used by Parker in an attempt to strip Abigael of her demon powers.
  • Essence Extraction Spell
    • Used by Macy on Jordan's family ring to reveal why he was cursed.
  • Magic Revealing Spell
    • Used by Maggie and Macy, with help from Harry, to see what magic was in Jordan. It revealed that he was cursed by the dying breath of a witch.
  • 5x5 Curse
    • Used by Florence to curse Jordan's ancestor and the males in his family.


  • Truth Serum
    • Used by Maggie and Parker to make Abigael speak the truth, though she was able to trick them by eating a fruit from the hallowed tree.
  • Cloning Serum
    • Used by Harry to duplicate a tea cup, and later create a replica of Jordan’s family ring.


  • Healing: Used by Harry to heal an injured witch.
  • Heat Generation: Used by Godric to torture several unknown demons and Abigael.
  • Limited Shapeshifting: Used by Parker to show his demonic red eyes to Godric.
  • Orbing: Used by Harry to teleport.
  • Pyrokinesis: Used by two guards to detain Maggie and Abigael, and later by Abigael to free herself.
  • Smoking: Used by Parker to teleport to Abigael.
  • Supernatural Strength: Used by Parker to hold Abigael at choke point.
  • Telekinesis: Used by Macy in flashbacks.



Answered Questions from Previous Episode(s)

  • Will Parker come back?
    • He returns in this episode.
  • Where did Abigael go?
    • She went back to her old life.

Unanswered Questions

  • Will Maggie marry Parker?
  • Will Abigael succeed in killing Parker?

References to the Original Charmed

  • Jordan being cursed to die before his twenty-sixth birthday due to an ancestor's actions is similar to Phoebe in the original series episode, Pardon My Past, where Prue and Piper's past lives, P. Bowen and P. Baxter, cursed Phoebe's past life, P. Russell, and every future life that she had to die before her twenty-fifth year - Phoebe was only able to survive this due to a protection amulet protecting her from the curse.
  • Parker asking Maggie to marry him while being the Demon Overlord reminisces with Phoebe being the Queen of the Underworld when she was married to Cole, who was the Source at the time.

Production Notes

  • The episode was watched by 0.77 million U.S. viewers.


Swan: "Good morning, visionaries. Change your thoughts, change your world. Vegan breakfast taquito?"
Macy: "Oh, no. I'm good, Swan."

Macy: "I'm starting to think we'd be better off without you all together."
Abigael: "Oh, someone's getting rough. Perhaps your time with the darklighter paid off."
Macy: "Maybe it did."

Harry: "Do you really think I'd be that stupid? She's dangerous."
Macy: "Yeah well, sometimes danger can be exciting."
Harry: "Not when you're thinking clearly."

Maggie: "So how do you feel about Harry?"
Abigael: "I find him adoringly wretchedly endearing and I'd love to corrupt him in a sexual way. Bloody hell."




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