Sex and booze are a sure way to lose.
— Penelope advertising her abstinence club

Penelope Schnurr was a victim of the Harbinger of Hell who used to heavily promote abstinence on the school's campus.


Penelope was a student at Hilltowne University and she ran the abstinence club there. On the day of Halloween, she was seen on campus promoting abstinence and handing out flyers for a party she would be hosting later that evening.

Later that night, she held her party but was disappointed to see that the only attendee was Angela Wu. Not realizing that Angela was possessed, Penelope turned her back to her, only to be murdered and drained of her blood by the Harbinger of Hell.


Penelope seems to be a confident woman since she was comfortable enough to promote abstinence on campus, but she does seem a bit naive since she was expecting her abstinence party to have a bigger turnout.

Physical Appearance

Penelope is a young white woman with short black hair and a freckled face.



  • Penelope was the second victim of the Harbinger after Cam Russo.


"Sex and booze are a sure way to lose. Sex and booze are a sure way to lose."

—Penelope promoting her abstinence club in Sweet Tooth.