Are you guys getting stoned in here? Mm. Because I can help with that.
Medusa using petrification on two frat students in Switches & Stones.

Petrification is the power to turn another being into stone.


Originally thought to be a myth by the Charmed Ones, Medusa is the only being shown to use this ability so far. When using the ability, she channels it through her eyes. Any person who turns away from Medusa after looking at her, turns to stone.

Known Users


  • The visual effects for Petrification in this series are very different than in the original series. When Meta used this power in the original series, she channeled her power through her eyes to petrify victims. In the reboot, a green light emanated from Medusa's body, illuminating everything around her and turning everyone present into stone.
  • In the original series, Petrification only worked when the target looked directly into the user's eyes. In the reboot, this power only worked when the target looked away after staring at Medusa. However, this may simply be exclusive to Medusa, due to her desire to be seen by people so they will know her pain, reaulting in the petrification of anyone that looks away.
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