Pitch Pipes in the Book of Shadows

A pitch pipe is a small reed pipe or flue pipe producing one or more tones to establish the pitch in singing or in tuning an instrument. There is an entry within the Book of Shadows that describes multiple magical pitch pipes.[1]

Book of Shadows Entry

Pitch pipes have long been used throughout history to guide those of melodic voices to sing on key and to tune instruments of various origins while mostly not demonic in nature. Some pitch pipes have been known throughout history to lure innocents into dire circumstances. Some instances of evil surrounding pitch pipes have included but are not limited to:

Pan Pipes which lure lost children.

Kokopelli's Flute which turns its bearer into a rodent.

The lu pipe unleashes the tormented shing xiao animal of the player. Beware of the years of the Dragon.

The xun has been used to lure restless spirits.

The mystiki flauto is a favored instrument of the sirens of Ancient Greece used to lure sailors to their deaths.

If an innocent has mistakenly played a demonic flute, refer to the vanquishing spells for each. While these artifacts themselves cannot be destroyed, more than likely the awakened demonic being can.

In most cases, demons of this nature will require higher level spells. You have to enlist in the Power of Three.


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