Pixies use their magical dust to spread whimsy and inspiration.

Pixie dust is a magical pheromone that pixies use to spread whimsy and inspiration. All pixies naturally generate this substance.


The most common use of pixie dust is to spread whimsy and inspiration, although it can also be used to place a person into a state of high suggestibility, allowing them to be mind controlled.
It seems that telepaths can break through this state, but this has been shown to leave the subject exhausted.
Pixie dust is also released when pixies fly in their true form.[1]

Witches and demons, as well as Whitelighter-witches, half-demons and demon-witches, are immune to the effects of pixie dust.


References to the Original Charmed

  • Fairy dust in the original show had enchanting effects, such as turning someone into a fairy or returning them to human form as well as provide assistance to undo petrification.


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