Pixies are known to be the most benevolent and kind of all magical creatures.
Harry on pixies

Pixies are magical beings that spread whimsy and inspiration. There are hundreds of types of pixies in the world.[1]

Known Types


According to Harry Greenwood, pixies are well known to be kind and benevolent throughout the magical world, due to their innate power to spread whimsy and inspiration. While witches and demons are immune to a pixie's dust, other magical beings, such as Whitelighters, and normal humans are not.

Pixionaries are books that detail about pixies of all kinds, and detail about pixie traps, which can be made using sweet things and shiny objects. A pixie can be lured into the trap when those who set the trap giggle in delight.

Notable Members

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  1. In the episode, Manic Pixie Nightmare, Harry stated that there were hundreds of types of pixies to the Charmed Ones.
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