Pixies are known to be the most benevolent and kind of all magical creatures. And everything there is to know about them is in here.
Harry as he shows his pixionary to the Charmed Ones

A Pixionary is a book that has information on pixies.


Film student Zack bought a copy of the pixionary at an occult shop and used its instructions to trap a pixie named Chloe.

When Harry realized a pixie was responsible for the death of Zack's fellow student, he showed the Charmed Ones his pixionary. His book had the power of conjuration to display images to exemplify its contents. They were able to use it to create a pixie trap and later learn that Chloe's heart was under Zack's control.[1]

Notable Entries

Sonnet to the Autumnal Moon

Mild Splendor
of the various vested night!
Mother of wildly working visions!
Hail! Swatch thy gliding
while with watery light.
Thy weak eye glimmers
though fleecy veil;
And when thou lovest thy pale orb shroud
Behind the gather'd black lost on night;
And when thou dartest
from the wind rent cloud,
Placid lighting o'er awaken sky.

List of plants

  • Sunflower: Year Round
  • Red Sunflower: Year Round
  • Mahogany: July-November
  • Teddy Bear: July-September
  • Orange Sunbeam: Year Round
  • Sunsplash: February-October
  • Orange Sunflower: Year Round
  • Green Sunbeam: Seasonal
  • Sunbeam: Year Round
  • Red Sunbeam: Year Round
  • Green Sunflower: Seasonal
  • Red Sunsplash: Seasonal

Equum et Corniger


Greatly loved though nearly extinct
One will appear at a Pixies wink
Galloping through lush flora and fauna
A rainbow will lead them
away to nirvana.

Pixie Trap

Pixies are lured by all things sweet,
shiny objects, treacly treats,
jingling, jangling sounds of cheer,
Will bring you a pixie all round the year.

The Woodland Pixie

Born with a heart
that spreads love around
Take it from her
and she won’t be found.
Losing herself
to please its possessor
She becomes flat and seeks only their


  • There are copies of the pixionary out in the world and it seems as if they were widely distributed since one ended up at an occult shop where a mortal could find it.
  • The books belonging to a magical being have enchanted pages.



Behind the scenes


  1. Manic Pixie Nightmare
  2. This poem was written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge in 1788.
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