Poison Transferal is the power to transfer poison from an individual into the user. This seems to be a branch of the Whitelighters' ability to heal.


The users of this ability are able to save an individual from dying of poison by magically moving the poison into the user. It acts similarly to the ability to heal by restoring full health to the victim, but has a secondary effect of causing the user to be infected by the poison instead.

Transferring Darklighter poison has a severe effect on Whitelighters, greatly depleting their magical energy and leaving them unable to orb or heal properly for a period of time. It is unknown if this is the case with regular poisons.

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  • Although only displayed by Harry Greenwood, this is presumed to be a common Whitelighter power.
  • The light that emanates from the user’s hand is green, rather than white, as with healing and memory erasure. However, as this power has only been used to transfer Darklighter poison, it is unknown if this is usual.



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