Portal Creation (or "Portaling") is a power that allows the user to create portals from one location to another, allowing for instantaneous travel. These portals can connect two locations on Earth, or be used to access alternate dimensions.


The only known wielders of this ability are the Callahan sisters, Charity and Fiona. Charity’s portals appear as circular holes in space, outlined with neon violet light. Fiona's portals appear as oval holes in space with a blue aura, outlined in green light and a more flame-like appearance than her sister’s.

When connecting two points on Earth, each location can be seen from either side of the portal. However, when portaling to an alternate dimension the portal will only show an expanse of violet or teal energy punctuated by bright lights and neither the destination nor point of origin can be seen.

When Charity’s portals close, they dissipate into violet sparks before blinking out of existence, while Fiona’s dissipate into teal flames that vanish.

A user of this power can open and close a portal around themselves and others without the need for the person to step through, and can portal objects without entering the portal themselves.

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