Power Absorption is the power to absorb the magical abilites of a target, leaving the original owner(s) without their powers.


In "Let This Mother Out", an Imposter Demon assumed Marisol Vera's form to persuade the Charmed Ones to help it retrieve the Prism of Souls from the realm of mirrors. Its intention was to use it to steal their powers and take them for itself. However, Maggie Vera sensed through its pretense and convinced her sisters to do the opposite.

Parker and Hunter Caine retrieved the Amulet of Archangels which had the power to absorb its wearer's powers in "Jingle Hell" from a сatholic church in Romania. After Julia Wagner dipped one drop of each Charmed One's blood on the necklace, Parker gave it to Maggie. The necklace slowly stole the Charmed Ones' powers through her. Eventually, Parker had a change of heart and took the necklace from her then destroyed it.

In "Needs to Know", when Macy Vaughn went to Abigael Jameson-Caine for help in removing her demonic powers, Abigael agreed, and, with effort, managed to procure a knife used in a demonic ritual to strip a demon of their powers. Under the guise of simply stripping Macy’s demonic powers, Abigael used the ritual to actually absorb them into herself, merging Macy’s demon powers with her own to give herself more power.

Related Powers

Power Stripping

Power Stripping is similar to Power Absorption in that both powers are used to take away a being's magical powers, the difference being that Power Stripping permanently removes all magical abilities (basic, active and passive) rather than transferring them to another being.

Known Objects


  • In the original series, power absorption was accomplished by killing the original owner which was the modus operandi of warlocks and some demons. Only a few artifacts (such as the Hollow and the Crystal Sword) and a few spells in the Book of Shadows could accomplish this power without cold-blooded murder.


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