Power Augmentation is the power to enhance the magical abilities of oneself or others, allowing the target to advance their powers to their full potential.


This ability has most commonly been shown to be acquired through the use of certain artifacts or locations. A Vortex Viribus is a location that serves as a source of immense power which can be used to amplify an aspect of a magical being. The Vortex Viribus underneath Vera Manor was shown to be able to amplify a witch's power to the extent of granting powers or allowing users to strip a being's powers.

Some primordial demons, such as the Harbinger of Hell, naturally have the ability to augment the abilities of those that they are inhabiting. Hunter Caine's powers were greatly enhanced after inhaling the Harbinger of Hell, even providing him with new powers (smoking, for example).
A being that has taken on the power of the Source will find their powers augmented and highly sensitive.

Known Users

Original Power
Artifacts / Locations
Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.

Related Powers


  • In the original series, Augmentation has never been shown to be an active power, but merely a skill various beings learned after the exploration of the capabilities of their powers.



  1. As shown by the Charmed Ones in Memento Mori. It was strong enough to augment the powers of the Charmed Ones and let them strip Charity of her powers.
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