The Power Binding Spell is a spell to render a witch's powers dormant, making them mortal and powerless. The process of this spell is currently unknown.

The process can be reversed by an unbinding spell.


Marisol Vera bound her daughters' powers when they each were born to protect them. Once they were old enough, she did the Power Unbinding Spell to awaken their powers, though it took three months before it happened.[1]

Charity made Macy doubt herself and persuaded her to willingly bind her powers temporarily, but the process was never followed through as Macy figured out Charity's betrayal.[2]


  • In the original show, the Charmed Ones' grandmother bound their powers for their protection. Their powers were not unbound until after she died.
  • Unlike the original, if a power binding process was done, the powers could become lost forever if the caster was killed before unbinding the powers.


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