Power Granting is the power to bestow magical powers upon another being, either permanently or temporarily.


If during life a human was worthy of the attention of the Elders, these witches would reward them in death by granting them powers and eternal life as Whitelighters, in exchange for their servitude and undying loyalty.

In Surrender, the demon Viralis could grant the power of telekinesis to his 'goddesses', presumably through the use of his demonic blood. At the end of the episode, Fiona Callahan used the power of the Vortex Viribus under the Vera Manor to restore Harry Greenwood's youth and Whitelighter powers.[1]

During the flashback to her massacre of the Sarcana in Source Material, Fiona revealed that she had been granted the ability to mirror the powers of others from the Vortex Viribus.

Black amber has also been shown to have some ability at granting powers, though it appears that contact must be kept in order for these abilities to be maintained. Through contact with Jordan Chase's family ring, Maggie Vera's ability to foresee the future was awakened, and after finding the black amber tree in the Command Center and dipping her fingers into the sap, Mel Vera gained her new ability to manipulate molecules. Powers granted through pure black amber can be maintained without constant contact.

Known Users

Original Power
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  1. It's shown that she made Harry young again in Surrender, but it's revealed that she had fully restored his Whitelighter status in Source Material.
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