Power Mirroring is the power to copy powers that have been used against oneself.


Power Mirroring is shown to function by having the projected magical energy absorbed into the body of the user which can then be almost immediately mirrored back at the target, as shown when Jada Shields projected a bolt of electricity at Fiona Callahan, the energy of the power seemed to be absorbed throughout her body, and she was able to take that electricity and project it back at Jada.

It appears that the only known way to obtain this power is through a Vortex Viribus. Fiona was shown to have gained this power after tapping into the Vortex Viribus beneath the Vera Manor. It also seems that certain powerful magics may not be able to be mirrored, as Fiona was said to have been unable mirror the Power of Three.

Known Users


  • This power is similar to a power from the original series belonging to the warlock, Matthew Tate, called "Power Mimicry." Both requiring the original power to be used on the being before it is copied/mirrored.
  • This power also is similar to a power from the original series called "Power Replication." In both cases, some strong creatures may become more resistant to powers they are replicating.
  • Fiona is said to have mirrored the powers of the Sarcana as well. However, she is only shown mirroring Jada's power, so it remains unclear exactly what powers she mirrored from the massacred members of the coven.
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