Power Negation is the power to negate/cancel the effects of the spells and powers of other beings.


In the flashback to her death in "Memento Mori", Marisol Vera was able to use a skill in which she had learned through her many years as a witch to negate Charity's power of muting so she would be able to continue her spell.

In "Things to Do in Seattle When You're Dead", Macy Vaughn infiltrated a demonic club under the guise of a demon, and had a power cuff placed on her, like every other demon inside, to disable her powers. Macy later used the cuff on Abigael Jameson-Caine in Deconstructing Harry when working with her to locate the Assassin in order to make sure she doesn’t try to kill her or Mel.

The Command Center was revealed in "Careful What You Witch For" to be able to negate demonic powers, including ones that a witch possesses, in the event that a demon managed to enter the area to render them powerless. Vagrant demons later placed Macy and Abigael in a power negating cage to negate their powers.

In "When Sparks Fly", Harry Greenwood's Darklighter used a magical stone to negate Macy's power while in his apartment.

Known Users

Original Power
Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.

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