Power Stripping is the power to temporarily or permanently take away another being's magical powers.


This ability allows its user to completely strip magical beings, such as witches and Whitelighters, of their powers, rendering them mortal and unable to use their magical abilities anymore.

However, it has been shown that certain learned skills or abilities, such as various forms of divination, will be retained after a being's powers have been stripped.[1] Also, consuming the fruit from the hallowed tree in Sacred Grove will make a being immune to having their powers stripped.

Demonic Power Stripping Ritual

There is a demonic ritual that allows a demon to strip another demon of their powers, even their immortality. However, it is presumed that this ritual does not seem to have the ability to strip witchly and other magical powers. It requires the caster to slice their palm with a special ritual dagger, and for the one whose powers are to be stripped to subjugate themselves by kneeling before the caster.
Parker Caine attempted to use this ritual in "Past is Present" to strip his half-sister, Abigael Jameson-Caine, of her demonic powers, but she was able to retain them due to having eaten an apple from the hallowed tree in Sacred Grove. In "Needs to Know", this ritual was used by Abigael to strip Macy Vaughn of her demonic powers. Abigael was also somehow able to use the ritual to steal Macy's demon powers for herself.

Known Users

Original power
Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.

Related Powers


  • Power Absorption is similar to Power Stripping in that both powers are used to take away a being's magical powers, but unlike Power Stripping, Power Absorption transfers them to another possessor rather than just removing them.
  • Power Stripping is not to be confused with Power Binding, which does not remove powers, but renders them dormant.
  • Unlike in the original series, victims lose all their basic, active, and passive powers, rendering them mortals. However, it seems that certain learned skills or abilities, such as various forms of divination, will be retained.



  1. In Red Rain, Charity was able to perform an act of Hydromancy, despite having been stripped of her powers by the Charmed Ones.
  2. As seen during the Charmed Ones fight against Charity in "Memento Mori".
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