The Prism of Souls is a magical artifact capable of absorbing the powers of the Charmed Ones. The prism is indestructible and can only be kept hidden from the wrong hands. The mother of the Charmed Ones, Marisol Vera, hid the prism inside a mirror in her office in order to protect her daughters from its ability. Inside the mirror is a room filled with more mirrors, and the prism is kept inside a box that can only be opened by the Charmed Ones.[1]

Throughout the Series

In "Let This Mother Out", an Imposter Demon posed as Marisol to convince the sisters to procure the artifact for her so they may use it against Harry Greenwood, but the demon's real plan was to steal the sisters' powers. After discovering the truth and vanquishing the demon, the sisters gave it to Harry for safekeeping.

The prism was later taken out of the mirror once again in "The Source Awakens", this time due to Harry, Mel Vera, and Maggie Vera discovering a missing page in the Book of Shadows detailing the prism. While the page was written in a language none of the three could read, they figured the prism was needed to take the Source out of Macy Vaughn. However, having rewritten reality several times before and unwilling to lose her newfound power, Macy disintegrated the prism before it could be used. Although, after Mel and Maggie use the spell for Balance Restoration to go back in time to restore their sisterly bond with Macy and regain the Power of Three, it is presumed that the timeline where the prism was destroyed has been erased and the prism has been restored.

Powers and Abilities

  • Power Absorption: The ability to remove another being's powers. The prism has the ability to remove the powers of the Charmed Ones.



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