Professor Brown[1] is a professor of World Literature at Hilltowne University. Maggie Vera, Parker Caine and Lucy take his class.


In "Exorcise Your Demons", after giving his lecture, Professor Brown was approached by Parker who started to ask him something when their conversation was interrupted by Lucy. Parker, saying goodbye to the professor, was forced to approach his girlfriend and Maggie.

Physical Appearance

He is a man in his thirties or forties with red hair and brown eyes.


"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.' Dante's inscription above the gates of hell. As Dante passes through those gates, he hears the screams of the Uncommitted. The selfish cowards who wouldn't take a stand for either good or evil on earth."

—Professor Brown giving a lecture in Exorcise Your Demons.

"We'll see you on Friday for the midterm; closed book. Eight essay questions carefully engineered so I'll know if you just read SparkNotes."

—Professor Brown in Exorcise Your Demons.


  1. His name was in the credits of Exorcise Your Demons.
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