The Protection Potion is a potion made by Harry Greenwood that grants the drinker immunity to magic. This potion was used to protect fraternity members from pixie dust and it had the unintended effect of protecting a person from the powers of witches as well.


Harry mixed one of these potions into Noah's IV after he was targeted and injured by a pixie. He later gave Mel and Maggie the potion, and they in turn poured it into Zack's coffee to provide protection for him. Maggie gave Parker the rest of the potion after saving him from getting hit by a bus. When the sisters later went to confront Zack, Mel tried to freeze time, only to learn the potion was protecting him from their powers.


  • In the original series, both the Charmed Ones and their potion-master grandmother Penny Halliwell tried many times to create a protection potion, but it was always proven to be impossible.


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