Protection against Hurt (the Hurt Blocker) is a spell used to relieve a person from emotional pain. According to Charity Callahan, this spell is habit-forming and has serious side effects, such as keeping a witch's powers from working.


Maggie cast this spell to avoid feeling the pain caused by Parker's revelation. The spell worked temporarily until she saw him on campus, which brought the pain back. She cast it a second time to numb it again, and this time the spell affected her powers. While trapped in Tartarus, she was tormented by the dragon, who made her relive her most painful memories, effectively ending the spell.[1]

Book of Shadows Entry

Book of Shadows entry

Protection against Hurt (the Hurt Blocker)

Provides immediate relief to emotional pain and scarring.


  • Leaves of Plantajo Major
  • Leaves of Aloe Ferox
  • Spikes of Lavender 1:6
  • Dried Chamomile 1:6 (flower tops only)
  • Fresh Ginger: shredded or pulverised
  • Peppermint Tea (brewed cold)


Gather ingredients in equal parts and mix into a coarse powder. Mix tea slowly until mixture becomes a very thick paste. Apply by hand or brush onto forearm, chest, popliteal or behind the ears. As it dries, recite the incantation below. Once spells are complete, a bandage like material appears...

*Reapply as needed...


We who struggle, Break and bend, Make us never hurt again.

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