Pyrokinesis is the power to create, control and manipulate fire.


The users of this ability are able to not only generate fire but also project it in the form of fireballs and bursts of flames which can be thrown at enemies. The users of this ability are also able to manipulate existing sources of fire as well.

Thus, as an extremely offensive power, pyrokinesis is a lethal kind of magic available to upper-level beings. With enough power, one can completely incinerate their target with one stream of fire.

Skilled users can create protective walls of fire before them in order to prevent weapons from reaching them, showing a rare defensive aspect to the power.

Notable Users

Original power
Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.

Related Powers



  • In the original series, pyrokinesis was one of the most common elemental powers.
  • Alastor demonstrated the ability to throw jets of flame, which is very similar to the power "Fire Throwing" in the original series.
  • In "Safe Space", Harry Greenwood's Darklighter was able to replicate the effects of pyrokinesis though the use of some sort of fire-based weapons, which were capable of destroying the Book of Shadows.
  • According to Abigael in "Needs to Know", pyrokinesis is the most coveted power in the demonic realm.
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