Reality Warping is the power to manipulate reality on a cosmic scale and alter it to one's own desire.


For a reality warper, nearly all things are possible and almost anything they want can be done. This ability can manifest in many different ways including changing physical aspects, create dimensions, change memories, manipulate powers and change the flow of time.

However, even the most skilled reality warper is not omnipotent and destiny cannot be cheated. No matter how many events they change or how different the circumstances are, reality warpers cannot stop events that are fated to occur.


After merging with the Source in "Red Rain", Macy Vaughn used this ability to heal Niko Hamada and erase all of the mortals' memories of the events that led to her becoming the Source.

In "The Source Awakens", Macy was later able to manipulate reality in order to create new timelines at her own discretion, without the limitations of the Invoking the Moirai spell, such as making it so Marisol never died. However, Macy's new timelines were unable to prevent destiny from reasserting itself, meaning that anything that happened in the original timeline would eventually happen in the new ones, no matter how many times Macy tried to change it.

Known Users

Original Power
Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.


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