Remote Teleportation is the power to move another person from one place to another instantaneously without occupying the space in between.


This power works as an instantaneous way of summoning a specific person or people, and as a way of returning them to different locations. The users of this ability are also able to teleport other beings alongside them, without the need of physical contact, as an easier method.

Some users are able to use this ability to teleport objects without physical contact, even if they have only a rough idea of their location.


In "Touched by a Demon", while trapped in the finale of Heaven's Vice, Macy Vaughn and Harry Greenwood were remotely teleported through a black smoke along with Angelica to the Devil's lair.

When Mel used her powers in public in "Surrender", nearly exposing magic, the Elders remotely teleported her and her sisters to their headquarters to reprimand them, before sending them to Vera Manor the same way.

In "Red Rain", after Macy Vaughn took on the power of the Source, she used this ability to fade both her, her sisters and Harry back to the Vera Manor. Macy later used this ability in "The Source Awakens" to relocate Mel, Maggie and Harry to New York and to fade Mel's bracelet and Maggie's staff back to them.

Known Users

Original Power
Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.

Related Powers


  • This power was first demonstrated by a being from an alternate reality, in the fictional TV show Heaven’s Vice, before being used in the main reality.
  • As with normal teleportation, the effects of this ability differ with each user.



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