Repose of the Tumuli is a spell that is used to vanquish banshees. It was located in the Vera Book of Shadows.


The book entry warns that the witches must be sure that their target is a banshee and not other kinds of beings, as the spell will not work otherwise.


In "Kappa Spirit", after using a spell to astral project back in time to figure out what type of ghost that Brenda Mancini is, Mel and Maggie tried to find a way to vanquish her upon returning to the present time. After flipping a few pages in the book, Maggie found this entry and believed that she was a banshee.

After finding the sorority girls tied and gagged and believing that Brenda was trying to kill Jenna Gordonson, they went to her home. Jenna told them about the suicides and deaths that had been occurring over the years at Kappa and Mel realized that Brenda was a revenant and not a banshee. This assumption later turned out to be wrong as well.

Book of Shadows Entry

To Banish A Banshee

Proper identifying the Banshee is crucial in order for this spell to be effective. Sirens, strigoi, rusalka and other such entities require different spells. Using the wrong incantation may provoke the entity.

The spell may be performed without the protection of the consecrated cloth. But as with most undertakings, protection is encouraged.


Nuntius! Ab hoc loco. Unde venerant redire.


  • This entry states that different kinds of spirits require different vanquishing spells.
  • While going over the spell to vanquish Brenda Mancini, Maggie actually recited a line from another spell, Call to a Restless Spirit. On top of that, Mel corrected Maggie and told her that the spell uses "dolorum", not "dolor" (even though the Book of Shadows uses dolor).



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