Resistance is the power to resist certain magical abilities and/or to be able to survive lethal injuries. This is not a term or label of a power used in universe, but rather describes a trait suggested to be inherent to some demons and witches.


The following magical powers have shown vulnerability to resistance:

  • Temporal Stasis: Taydeus, the Imposter Demon and Hunter were able to struggle against remaining frozen in time, regaining movement for a fraction of a second before freezing again. Mel Vera stated that she did not believe she would be able to keep demons with this ability frozen for long. Beings with this ability retain some awareness that time has stopped, which allows them to struggle against its effects.
  • Telepathy: Parker is able to deceive Maggie's telepathy through using certain intended thoughts to hide his more suspicious ones.
  • Mind Control: Charity Callahan is noted to be able to resist compulsive powers. However, if the user is powerful enough, they may be able to effect her.


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