The Restoration Ritual is a ritual that is used to restore the health of a being after they are released from Tartarus.


This ritual seems to require an incubation chamber for the person who was trapped in Tartarus. The incubation chamber is then charged with hellflame while a coven performs the incantation. The chamber requires a vast amount of hellflame to successfully heal the occupant.


After the Sarcana released Fiona Callahan from Tartarus, they discovered that she was weak and wrecked, so the witches used this ritual in "Keep Calm and Harry On" to restore her health, but they did not have enough hellflame to fully restore her. Mel Vera later found a bottle of more hellflame in Alastor's study and gave it to Jada Shields in order to help complete the ritual.


Shifa' on haza-aljesmo wa ruho.


The healing of body and soul.

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