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Resurrection is the power to bring the deceased back to life.


Necromancers are magical beings with the ability to perform necromancy, a branch of divination centered on the dead. These beings are thought to have existed since the beginning of time. Most, if not all, Necromancers have the ability to resurrect the deceased through a ritual. However, these beings have to call upon forces both light and dark to resurrect the dead. Because of this, some might not properly make the transition and are consumed by the powers invoked. Resurrection has a steep price as unknown and mysterious otherworldly entities (also known as just "spirits") always need something just after the ritual is completed.

Knansie's Unknown Spell

In "You're Dead to Me", a Necromancer by the name of Knansie used a spell in Macy's resurrection ritual. She spoke the incantation in broken Russian.


Ангелы смерти, Лорды подземного мира,
Услышьте мою просьбу.
Верните этого ребёнка обратно к жизни!


Angels of Death, the Lords of the Underworld,
Hear my request.
Bring this baby back to life!

The Source of All Evil

A being that has taken on the power of the Source has the ability to resurrect the dead. After Macy Vaughn took on the power of the Source in "Red Rain", she was able to bring Galvin Burdette back to life, simply by placing a hand on him.

However, in "The Source Awakens", there was shown to be side effects to Galvin's resurrection. Several of the innocents that he had sacrificed himself to save began to die, as well as Galvin feeling as if he didn't belong. As stated by Harry Greenwood, this was simply death reasserting itself.

Black Amber

Black amber is an extremely powerful type of tree resin. It has shown some ability to bring the deceased back to life.

In "Curse Words", after Ray Vera gave a black market dealer a vial of black amber in order to prevent her from shooting him, she and a group of scientists are later shown experimenting with the substance and able to use it to resurrect a dead rabbit.

In "Dance Like No One is Witching", at a private event hosted by an organization of individuals that know of the existence of magic, a shaman was able to perform a ritual with his staff to absorb the life forces of nearly all of the patrons, after they were zombified by a special drug made from Darklighter poison, in order to revive the corpse of an unknown man loaded with black amber. The process was interrupted by Maggie Vera, however, but was successful enough to revive the corpse in a weakened state.

Known Users

Original power
Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.



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