The Romanian Catholic Church is a church located in Bucharest, Romania. It had long been where the Amulet of Archangels was kept before it was removed by Hunter and Parker Caine.


Most likely, this сhurch is at least one thousand years old, as the mention of the last wearer of the amulet dates back to the tenth century, and after that there is a mention of the storage of the pendant in this сhurch.[1]

At some point, the amulet was placed on the remains of Saint Dragos and stored in this сhurch for an indefinite amount of time.

In December 2018, Hunter and Parker went to Bucharest to find the Amulet of the Archangels on their father's order. The romanian priest unleashed the staff's powers against the demon brothers, but he was defeated and then killed by Hunter Caine.

Known Members


  • In the series, this is the first place that is outside Hilltowne and outside the USA.
  • In the real world, this church is actually Church of Our Lady of the Assumption (Russian: "Костёл во имя Успения Пресвятой Девы Марии" or also known as just "Римско-католический костёл", "Пoльский костёл" and "Иркутский костёл"). It is a Catholic church located not in Romania, but in Russia.



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