Rosemary Shea is the sister of Julian Shea. After their family was in a car accident, Rosemary was left comatose and presumably brain dead.


Many years ago, as a child, Rosemary, her brother Julian and their parents were involved in a car accident. Their parents were killed on the spot, Julian was almost not injured, but Rosemary herself was seriously injured, breaking a car window and rolling out on the road. Other participants in the accident were two unknown witches, who were also seriously injured and bleeding. Soon after, their unnamed Whitelighter appeared and hurried to his charges to heal them. When the witches awoke their Whitelighter took them to an unknown destination with absolutely no concern for the condition of Rosemary Shea and her family. All this was observed by Julian and this incident was the reason that he learned about the existence of magic.[2]

Throughout the Series

In "Search Party", when Julian and Macy Vaughn are alone, he tells her about his sister who was hurt more than he was in a car accident.

In "Unsafe Space", she's revealed to be in a vegetative state and briefly wakes due to Black Amber.

In "An Inconvenient Truth", after the Charmed Ones kidnap Julian, he explains that he saw Rosemary come to with his own eyes thanks to black amber. However, Macy discovers that Vivienne had duped Julian, due to the fact that black amber has been ineffective this whole time. Rosemary was brought back due to a sedative Vivienne gave her, which caused an inverse reaction and temporarily woke her from her coma. After realizing his aunt's betrayal, Julian turns on her and decides to help Macy and her sisters bring Vivienne down once and for all.

In "Someone's Going to Die", Julian mentioned his unfortunate sister when he was angry at Vivienne for lying to him about her true plans.

Physical Appearance

Rosemary is a white woman with long brown hair and brown eyes. She was portrayed in her brother's memories as a young girl with brown hair in two pigtails.


  • Rosemary survived the car accident, but is currently in a coma.
  • She is the last physically living member of the Shea family.




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