Sacred Grove is a magical forest that was protected by magical tree creatures known as dryads, who looked over a hallowed tree that produced fruit which grant immunity.


Sacred Grove is a magical forest that had a hallowed tree which contained fruits that would grant temporary immunity to whomever consumed them. Because of its great source of power, ley lines intersect in this forest much like in other places like Stonehenge and the Bermuda Triangle. A group of dryads lived in this forest, under the jurisdiction of The Elders and the protection of Whitelighters, until demons attacked and killed them after the deaths of the Elders and Whitelighters.


In "Past is Present", a group of dryads at Sacred Grove were attacked by demons. Macy, Maggie and Harry received a distress call from the Command Center when the attack happened, but when they arrived there the dryads were already dead. However, an injured telepathic witch was found alive, laying next to the tree. After healing her, she explains that she sensed the dryads were in danger and she went there to help them, but when she got there, Carnals and Malignants worked together so they could take the fruits.


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