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SafeSpace, Seattle is a communal workplace located in Seattle, Washington that is home to several businesses and acts as an entrance to the Command Center which is hidden beneath the building.

During the late 19th century, it was an asylum for women called "Tulipe Asylum". Unbeknownst to the locals, it was in reality a safe haven for witches before they were discovered by Lawrence Mortimer Chase, who executed them and burned the institution to the ground. One of the witches, Florence, cursed Lawrence and his descendants, causing all the males in the family to die at age twenty-five as punishment for his crimes.

After The Charmed Ones were forcefully moved to Seattle to escape a powerful enemy, the sisters found themselves at SafeSpace, Seattle when they left the Command Center. Needing constant access to the secret location, Maggie Vera applied to work part-time as a receptionist there and eventually became assistant manager in order to keep access to the Command Center as well as to provide money for the family.

List of Businesses


  • The name of the building may be referring to the Tulipe Asylum's purpose.


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