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Safe Space is the first episode of the second season of Charmed and the twenty-third episode of the series overall. It premiered on October 11, 2019.


SEASON PREMIERE — Following the devastating loss of the Elders, Mel (Melonie Diaz), Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) and Macy (Madeleine Mantock) take over their duties. Maggie takes time to celebrate her birthday with a big bash, but Mel finds herself too preoccupied with their new responsibilities to join in the fun. As the girls clean up the following morning, Macy shocks her sisters with an announcement. A mysterious hooded foe attacks the Charmed Ones who escape through a portal while Harry (Rupert Evans) has an unnerving encounter with the villain. The girls land in a secret location where they uncover more about the mystical world of the Elders... and community workspaces. Macy nurses a serious wound and Maggie meets a handsome stranger (Jordan Donica). The Charmed Ones quickly become aware of the gravity of their new roles and must decide if they are truly prepared for the responsibility.


The season opens with bright lights and blaring music coming from the Vera Manor. Maggie is having a huge party to celebrate her 20th birthday. Numerous people greet Maggie as she makes her way to the backyard and finds Macy at the bar.

Macy is seen pouring tequila into a beaker and then into shot glasses. When Maggie asks what she is doing, Macy says she is “pouring out the exact number of shots she can take before she says something she’ll regret”, to which Maggie quips that she doesn’t need drinks for that. As Macy downs a shot, she blurts out that she got offered her dream job, but it’s in Ann Arbor (two hours away from Hilltowne). She also asks Maggie to not say anything to Mel, as she wants to tell Mel herself.

The scene then cuts to Mel, who is in the attic, in a meeting with Anya, a fellow witch, who’s Whitelighter Angus has gone missing. Mel summons Harry, who, unaware that she’s in a meeting, shows up with a drink in hand and a party hat. She requests that he take Anya home, to which he compels.

Mel goes downstairs to find Maggie and Macy dancing like goofs. Surprised by what she’s seeing, she freezes time to have a conversation with them. She explains that they have a job they need to do, but Maggie says that after everything they’ve been through, they need to celebrate. Mel then loosens up a bit and has a drink with her sisters, and unfreezes time to continue the party.

The episode then cuts to next morning; Macy is hungover and laying on the floor, Mel is picking up scattered trash, and Maggie is looking at text messages from a guy she flirted with the previous night. Mel explains that they need to get to work as they are in charge (due to the fact that there are no more Elders). Maggie accidentally lets it slip about Macy’s job offer, and Macy explains that while Mel is committed to fulfilling her duties as the new leader, Macy has her own life that she needs to live. Maggie sides with Macy, saying that she doesn’t want to spend her time waiting for trouble to barrel through the front door.

All of a sudden, the sisters experience a hellquake. A masked figure appears through the front door. Macy attempts to telekinetically throw knives at him, but he dodges them. Mel then attempts to freeze time, but the man is immune to the effects and disappears. When he appears behind them, they use the Power of Three to try to stop him, but it simply prevents him from throwing weapons at them. The sisters then summon Harry, who orbs them out of the situation and into the attic.

Mel and Macy perform a spell to seal the door, however the masked man breaks right through the door. Macy tries to get the Book of Shadows, but the man throws a fireball that completely incinerates the book. The Book being destroyed opens up a mysterious portal with no clue as to where it leads to. While Mel and Maggie jump through almost immediately, Macy has doubts about leaving Harry, who is fending off the man. She eventually jumps through, but not before the man shoots a mysterious dart right into her leg.

Harry fends off the man for a while, but then the man has him stuck, and he says, “Nice knowing you, Harry.” The man then stabs Harry, seemingly killing him.

The sisters are then seen in an unknown hallway. As they walk, they find a mysterious place with a map of the world, and a mysterious voiceover calls this place a “command center”. This voiceover then says that the each of their auras have been stripped to protect them, and tells them to wait for their Whitelighter. The girls try to call Harry, but he doesn’t show up. They then discover a mysterious book, written in the language of the Elders, a language they don’t understand. Mel then realizes they must be in witchness protection, and as she and Maggie get into an argument, Macy finds the poisonous dart in her leg. Maggie insists they go through the door at the roof, but Mel is against it. Nonetheless, they decide Macy needs help and they decide to go through the door.

After going through the door, the girls discover they are in Seattle, in a communal workplace known as SafeSpace. Maggie tries to go back, but it’s locked, as a security guard approaches her and tells her she can only access that door with an orange keycard issued by SafeSpace. When the sisters try to use their powers, they notice they’re not working. Macy realizes her wound has gotten worse and sits while Mel and Maggie look for a first aid kit and a phone to reach Harry. Mel borrows a phone from a woman named Kat and tries to call Harry, but it goes to voicemail. She then notices a woman named Swan and steals her keycard. Meanwhile, Maggie meets a guy named Jordan and after much persuasion, manages to borrow his first aid kit.

As Macy is bandaging her wound, she hears a voice that sounds like Harry and disappears. When Mel and Maggie return, they notice that she’s gone and look for her. They see a trail of her blood and go outside to look for her. Meanwhile, a delirious Macy follows the voice and walks out into the street only to almost get hit by a car. Mel and Maggie then find her and take her back to the command center.

Back at SafeSpace, Mel and Maggie use the Desenmascarar spell to open the door to the command center. Meanwhile, Macy, sitting in the corner, hallucinates and sees Harry. He tells her that Maggie and Mel have gone back through the portal that brought them to Seattle in the first place, but this is shown to be a lie as when Macy snaps out her hallucination, Maggie and Mel are right next to her.

The girls get to the command center and remain confused as to how to decode the Book of Elders. All of a sudden, on the large map in front of them, two red lights begin to chime. On the desk Mel and Maggie are at, a marble button turns red at well. Maggie presses the button, opening up another portal. As the sisters go through the portal, a weird marble made out of a bowl of black ooze begins to form, which Maggie takes with her.

The portal lands the trio at a place named Mary’s Magikal in Vermont. At the front door, Mel notices that the stained glass at the door matches a symbol from the Book of Elders. Maggie deduces that the portal took the sisters to another group of witches that could help Macy. However, upon entering, they find two women dead, one on the floor and the other hanging by a noose.

Mel deduces that the two red lights at the command center must’ve signified two witches in trouble. She finds that one of the women has a dart in her body identical to Macy’s. Then, a woman comes downstairs and encounters a rat. Maggie, Mel and Macy witness he rat forming into a demon and spitting acid at her, killing her instantly. This forces them to hide behind the counter while the Rat Demons scour the house. As Mel and Maggie arm themselves, Macy hears the voice the sounds like Harry again. The voice tells her to come home, and she begins to get up from the counter, blowing her and her sisters’ cover. As a Rat Demon comes in ready to kill the trio, Mel sprays him with a rat poison, which kills him. The second Rat Demon comes in, but when Mel tries to spray him, she finds that the rat poison has run out, allowing the Rat Demon to attack her. Maggie tries to save her sister, but is knocked back by the rat demon. Then, on impulse, Macy tries to use her powers, but instead of telekinesis, flames come out of her hand, incinerating the demon. However, she soon collapses, the assassin’s poison having caught up with her. Tearfully, Maggie calls out to Harry, and Harry soon arrives. He explains he wasn’t able to track the girls until he sensed Macy had used her newly discovered pyrokinesis. He attempts to heal Macy, but instead of directly healing her, the poison transfers from her body to his, weakening him. Thankfully, after a while, Macy awakens, to her sisters’ and Harry’s relief. Harry tries to orb the four of them out of the house, but it seems that the poison he absorbed messed with his powers. This forces the the witches and Whitelighter to run out of the house, as another Rat Demon comes into the house.

The four manage to run outside before the Rat Demon catches up to them. Macy tries to use her pyrokinesis, but it doesn’t work. In an attempt to stall, she then approaches the Rat Demon and tries to make peace with him.

As Macy is talking with the Rat Demon, she attempts to get him to stop by agreeing that they should both go home. The latter mentions that “there’s a war going on”, and that “[demons] are coming for [witches]”. Maggie then remembers the marble she took with her. She throws it and the portal to the command center opens back up. Maggie, Mel, Macy and Harry run into the portal right before the Rat Demon can evicerate them.

Back at the command center, Harry explains that the blue tiny lights on the map represent all the witches left. He also explains that the command center was designed by the Elders for the most dire of situations. The Charmed Ones’ powers were stripped to avoid being tracked by enemies, except for Macy’s demon powers. Harry explains that the stab wound he retained should have been fatal, yet he awoke again in his original grave. He attempted to reach out to the other Whitelighters, but they all died when the Elder massacre occurred. At the time of the massacre, Harry’s connection to the Elders had already been severed, sparing him from death and leaving him as the last Whitelighter in existence.

Back at SafeSpace, the group celebrates their survival with drinks. Mel realizes that this so-called “witchness protection” could allow them to leave their lives as magical beings behind, but Macy and Maggie decide that they still must protect all the witches in the world. Then they all toast to the “Power of Four”. Later, Harry leads the sisters to an abandoned construction site, where they are supposedly living now. It is revealed that the house is connected to the sisters and thus went through the portal as well, but is cloaked for protection. Maggie then declares that the assassin isn’t coming for them, but instead they’re coming for him.

Later, as Harry cleans up the attic, he begins to have flashbacks, revealing that he had unmasked the attacker before he was stabbed. Shockingly, he realizes that the attacker was a man that looked exactly like him, like an evil counterpart of his.


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Magical Notes


  • The Power of Three Spell
    • The Charmed Ones used this spell to stop the assassin from killing them. However, the assassin was able to resist the spell enough for it to not completely stop him.
  • Door Sealing Spell
    • Macy said the incantation, then Mel blew a potion to seal the door to the attic.
  • Desenmascarar Spell
    • Used by Mel and Maggie to reveal the door back to the Command Center in SafeSpace.


  • Acid Secretion: Used by a Rat Demon to disintegrate a woman. Used by another Rat Demon in an attempt to attack Macy.
  • Black Orbing: A black, smoky form of orbing used by the hooded assassin multiple times.
  • Orbing: Used by Harry multiple times.
  • Poison Transferal: Used by Harry to save Macy from the poison of the assassin's dart.
  • Portal Creation: As a precaution for Marisol if the Book of Shadows was ever destroyed, a portal to the Command Center opened up which the Charmed Ones used to escape the assassin. A second portal leading to a hotel run by a witch opened when the Charmed Ones responded to a distress call, and Maggie used a sphere obtained from the Command Center to reopen the portal to escape the Rat Demon.
  • Aura Stripping: The Elders granted the Command Center the ability to strip a witch's aura if they traveled through the portal leading to the center. This was done purposefully to prevent those under the protection of the Command Center from being tracked by demons or anyone else that may be trying to find them.
  • Pyrokinesis: Used by Macy to burn a Rat Demon, and to later threaten another.
  • Limited Shapeshifting: Used by Rat Demons to change between their rat and human forms.
  • Telekinesis: Used by Macy to throw knives at the mysterious attacker and to try and summon the Book of Shadows.
  • Temporal Stasis: Used by Mel to freeze the partiers.


  • Book of Shadows: The Veras' tome of magical knowledge. It was destroyed by Harry's Darklighter.
  • Book of Elders: A tome of extremely powerful magic left by the Elders.


  • It's been 3 weeks since the Apocalypse was averted and the Charmed Ones defeated the Source of All Evil. So, according to this episode, it is now the middle of June, 2019.
  • Maggie Vera celebrates her birthday in this episode.
  • The Book of Shadows is destroyed in this episode.
  • With the death of the Elders, all Whitelighters have died since their life forces were tied to theirs.
    • Harry Greenwood survived because he was no longer tied to them when it happened.
  • Harry's orbing sound effect is different in this episode to previous episodes.

Answered Questions from Previous Episode(s)

  • How will the magical community be managed by the Charmed Ones?
    • Mel took charge of managing the magical world by making appointments with witches in need, but Macy and Maggie were unwilling to continue their lives in the magical world.

Unanswered Questions

  • Why is there an evil doppelganger of Harry?
  • Why did a duplicate of Harry try to kill the Charmed Ones?
  • Will the sisters ever get their powers back?
  • How will they protect witches from demons?

References to the Original Charmed

  • Rat Demons appeared in this episode. In the original series, Rat Demons were low-level demons that were able to transform into rodents. They were usually involved in money schemes, such as laundering, and were not to be trusted. Their ability to secrete acid from their mouths was utilized by Scabbar Demons.
  • The duplicate of Harry is later revealed to be the new series' interpretation of a Darklighter which, in the original series, were Whitelighter counterparts. Their primary goal was to kill Whitelighters in order to make good witches more vulnerable to the attack of evil.
  • Macy referenced "witchness protection." In the original series, this was the title of an episode.
  • As of this episode, the Charmed Ones are presumed dead and go into hiding. This was a major story arc in the eighth season of the original series.
  • Macy retaining her demonic powers after their powers were stripped resembled the season 6 episode, "The Power of Three Blondes", where Paige Matthews retained her Whitelighter powers after her witch powers were stolen by another witch.

Production Notes


Maggie: "We have prevented the apocalypse, defeated The Source of All Evil. Everything is finally back to normal. So, if ever there was a time to party and celebrate, it's now."
Macy: "One drink, one, one, one drink."
Mel: "Fine, one drink."
Maggie: "A toast. To getting back to normal."
Macy: "To fresh starts."
Mel: "To being in charge."

Jordan: "Sorry. I, uhh, don't trust many people."
Maggie: "Yeah, me neither."

Harry: "The house, it went through the portal too. As a security precaution, it is cloaked. But it is bound to you, forever."

Maggie: "Today was a bad day."
Macy: "Tomorrow will be better."




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