Sasha[1] was a good friend (or just acquaintance) of Marisol Vera in the past. She was aware of the fact that Marisol was a witch, but it is unknown whether Sasha was a witch herself.


In Kappa Spirit, Maggie and Mel Vera astral projected back into the past to investigate a ghost. While on their mission, they saw their mother sitting with Sasha on a bench and decided to listen into their conversation. Sasha asked about Marisol's trip to the doctor and tried to put aside her fears over her pregnancy.


Apparently, Sasha was not indifferent to the feelings of other people, as she tried to comfort Marisol on her first pregnancy.

Physical Appearance

Sasha was a young woman with long black wavy hair and brown eyes.



  • Sasha and Marisol: Sasha was friends with Marisol in 1989. They were close enough for Marisol to confide in Sasha about her fears over her pregnancy.



  • Sasha knew that Marisol was a witch, but it is currently unknown if Sasha was a witch, too.
  • It is not known whether or not she communicated with Marisol after 1989.


"Marisol, you can't keep obsessing like this. It's natural to be scared. Every first-time mom is. But it's going to be okay."

—Sasha trying to comfort Marisol in Kappa Spirit.



  1. Her name was in the credits of Kappa Spirit.

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