Scrying is a branch of divination used to locate a person or an object by gazing into a transparent, translucent, or otherwise reflective object.

Methods of Scrying


Catoptromancy is a method of scrying that is accomplished by enchanting a mirror which will then visualize where the intended target is.
Skilled witches can access this branch of divination through the usage of a spell.


Hydromancy, also known as water gazing, is a method of scrying that is accomplished by holding a crystal pendant over a bowl of water which will then visualize where it is that the desired person or object is, sort of like a looking glass.


In "Source Material", Charity Callahan was shown to be looking for her sister Fiona Callahan via water gazing. She was interrupted, however, when Alastor caught her and demanded to know what she was doing.

In "Past is Present", Abigael Jameson-Caine enchanted a mirror in her apartment with a spell to show Maggie Vera, Macy Vaughn, and Harry Greenwood that Parker Caine was the one that they were looking for.

Known Users

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  • Scrying was a recurring element throughout the original series, however the method used in the new series differs slightly. In the original series, the most common method was to hold a crystal pendant over a map in order to find a lost person or object. Another method in the original series, which Zen Masters used, was to use a surface of water as a looking glass in order to find people or objects. The first shown method in the reboot series appears to combine the two.
  • Charity Callahan was shown using this ability, despite having been stripped of her powers. 


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