The Scythe of Tartarus is a magical weapon that, when used with an accompanying spell, is capable of releasing prisoners from Tartarus.


The scythe was split into three shards by the god, Zeus.

Once reassembled and combined with a beacon, it can be used to open a portal to Tartarus — a prison for even the most powerful of beings, such as gods, witches, and demons.[1] The shards were kept secretly by sentinels and were passed down from generation to generation. By 2018, the shards were guarded by a satyr named Leon, a taweret named Sela, and an Elder named Marisol Vera.

Parker Caine was tasked by his father with tracking and obtaining the three shards. However, when the three shards were finally reassembled, a mysterious woman stole it. She used it to release a witch from Tartarus and then split the Scythe back into pieces and gave one of the shards back to Mel Vera. Mel claims to have destroyed her piece of the scythe since she believes no one should be able to wield that type of power.[2]

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  • Despite its name, this artifact resembles a sickle, which is a harvesting tool used in pre-industrial agricultural societies.

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