Sensing is the power to determine the location and status of other beings by concentrating on them. It is a common power possessed by both good and evil.


The Harbinger of Hell was not only able to this ability to track people but also to sense their status, such as their virginity. It also enhanced the demon's natural senses such as sight and smell, allowing it to better keep track of its victims. In "Sweet Tooth", the Harbinger was able to successfully track Macy Vaughn as she ran through a thick forest.

Whitelighters have the ability to locate their charges. Their power also allow their charges to communicate with them simply by calling out their name, allowing them to hear a charge's call whenever the charge is in immediate danger or in need of help so that they can then orb to their aid. However, their power does not seem to be always precise, as in "The Replacement" when Tessa Flores-Cohen answered Macy Vaughn's call for help after the Abiku revealed itself inside Galvin Burdette, she orbed along with Mel and Maggie Vera to where Macy had been minutes earlier before running off in fear.

Necromancers seem to be able to sense a soul that they have resurrected simply by smelling a person, as Knansie did with Macy and was able to sense and recognise her soul twenty-nine years later.

A being that has taken on the power of the Source has the ability to sense, at the very least, other beings that are nearby. In The Source Awakens, after having merged with the Source, Macy was able to sense that Harry Greenwood was approaching before he even knocked on the door.

Known Users

Original Power

Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.

Similar Powers


  • A Whitelighter's sensing power can be rendered useless if the connection is broken. In Memento Mori, Charity Callahan broke Harry's connection to the Charmed Ones, which disabled his ability to hear the sisters calling for him.
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