Shapeshifting is the power to alter one's form and appearance into that of another being.


Shapeshifting seems to be one of the most common powers in all of magic, as it is used to blend into the world of mortals and to deceive other beings.

Most demons seem to possess a limited form of this power, allowing them to shift from their human form to more more demonic form. Some demons have the ability to affect their eyes, ranging from a change in color (mostly red or black) to completely distorting where the eyes should be. The demons known as Shapeshifters are a special class of demons which carry this ability at its full potential and can use it to completely shift into other beings. The demon, Hunter Caine, was capable of shapeshifting into anyone, although he required physical contact with his intended target first.

Limited Shapeshifting

Demonic Form

Many demons possess a limited form of shapeshifting to change from a human form to a demonic one. This only allows change between these two distinct forms. This form generally occurs when demons, who are able to suppress their power, call upon their full magical strength. Many users of this limited form use their human form to blend into human society and avoid detection.

Pixie Form

All pixies possess a limited form of shapeshifting allowing them to assume a human form. The true form of pixies are small glowing creatures with large transparent wings. They are like fast-flying balls of yellow light and glitter.

Gorgon Form

All Gorgons possess a limited form of shapeshifting allowing them to blend in with the mortal world. The true form of Gorgons are women with green snake eyes, long fangs and claws, and snakes instead of their hair. Medusa, contrary to popular depiction, had only one snake at the top of her head.

Rat Form

All Rat Demons possess a limited form of shapeshifting allowing them to assume the form of a rat.


Original Power

Demons with Demonic Forms

Pixies with Pixie Form

Gorgons with Gorgon Form


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