The Shapeshifting Curse is a curse that causes a being to transform into a fly. It requires a potion to be drunk.


In "The Rules of Engagement", Harry Greenwood remembered reading a passage on shapeshifting in the Book of Elders and searched through to reveal the passage to Mel Vera and Macy Vaughn, who hoped to utilize it to spy on Parker Caine. It revealed that it was a curse and Macy was totally against with it. Harry warned Mel that it is dangerous and there is no protection. However, as usual, Mel took the challenge, despite the risk, in order to spy on Parker Caine.

The curse can be dispelled by the victim self-reflecting. In Mel's case, it was realizing that she was more important and significant than she believed after her powers were rendered dormant.

Book of Elders Entry


Shoulders to wings.
Feet to flight.
The human shall fly.
A curse to spite.

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