Charmed is a 2018 reboot based off Constance M. Burge's series of the same name that ran from 1998-2006. There are numerous similarities and differences between both series which are listed here.


New Counterpart Original Counterpart Reboot Power Original Power Notes
Macy Vaughn Telekinesis
  • Macy is the unknown sister and is the oldest of the sisters. In the original, Prue was the oldest of the sisters and possessed Telekinesis. Paige was the unknown younger half-sister, who was half-Whitelighter and possessed a variation of telekinesis.
  • Macy is a scientist, while Prue was an antique specialist before becoming a photographer. Paige was a social worker and later the Headmistress of Magic School before eventually becoming a fulltime Whitelighter.
  • Paige was half-Whitelighter by blood, while Macy is a witch with demonic trait due to having been resurrected with demon blood.
Mel Vera Piper Halliwell Temporal Manipulation Molecular Manipulation
  • Mel is a lesbian and outspoken which is opposite to Piper who was an introverted and shy heterosexual.
  • Piper's power was related to molecular movement and speed, while Mel's power is related to the passage of time.
  • Piper's freezing power was contained within the room that she was in (or flicked her hand in), while Mel's seems able to affect objects and beings in her immediate vicinity, or all of time itself.
  • In the original series, Piper's power came solely from her hands. Mel's power seems to come from her mind, though she does often channel it through the hand.
  • Piper was most reluctant to embrace being a witch. In the reboot, Mel is most excited.
  • Unlike Piper in the original series, Mel does not have the same father as her sisters.
Maggie Vera Phoebe Halliwell Empathy Premonitions
  • Maggie is the only Vera sister with a different power than her original counterpart: While Phoebe could see the future, Maggie has empathy, the ability to sense and feel people's emotions.
  • Phoebe was most excited to receive her powers, while Maggie was most reluctant.
Harry Greenwood Leo Wyatt Standard Whitelighter Abilities
  • Leo married the middle sister, Piper.
  • Harry does not hide his true identity from the sisters the way Leo did until they found out he had a power.
  • Harry is British while Leo was American.
  • Harry and Leo do not teleport the same way. Leo uses orbs while Harry's is different altogether.
Marisol Vera Prophecy
  • Marisol appears to be a combination of Penny (Grams) and Patty (Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige's mother).
  • In the original series, the girls' mother was already dead before the series aired.
  • In the original series, Phoebe had the power to foresee the future.
Niko Hamada None None
  • Like Andy and Darryl in the original series, Niko is mortal and was a detective.
  • Niko was the on-off girlfriend of Mel, while Andy was the on-off boyfriend to Prue in the first season.
The Source of All Evil The Source of All Evil

and more

And many more

  • The Source was the main antagonist for the first four seasons of the original series. He was the reason that the demonic assassin Shax was sent to kill the Charmed Ones, but he only managed to kill Prue. Piper and Phoebe discovered Paige when Shax also attacked her.
Parker Caine Cole Turner
  • Parker, like Cole is half-demon. However, his father was a demon and his mother was human. In the original series, Cole's mother was a demon and his father was human.
  • Unlike Cole, Parker has a half-brother while Cole was an only child.
  • Unlike Cole, who was exceptionally powerful for a half-demon, Parker is weakened by his demon half.
Jada Shields Paige Matthews
Tessa Flores-Cohen Natalie
  • Natalie was killed by a warlock who stole her powers in the process, while Tessa sacrificed herself to save Mel from a deadly blast from Fiona.


Subject Difference
The Charmed Ones
  • In the original, the Charmed Ones gain their powers through the reading of the Dominus Tritus spell. In the remake, the sisters' powers are unbound by their mother, Marisol Vera. The Vera/Vaughn Sisters each have a different father; while in the original, the original trio all shared the same father.
  • In the original, Whitelighters were not meant to reveal themselves to their charges, unless it was necessary. In the remake, it appears Whitelighters are allowed to reveal themselves to their charges when they meet.
  • In the original, Whitelighters teleported by orbs. In the remake, they have a different teleportation power.
  • Whitelighters in the original series did not have telekinesis while the Whitelighters in the remake do, or at least Harry does.
The Power of Three
  • In the original series, the Halliwells weren't given a choice of whether they become witches. The remake gives the assumption the Vera sisters do have a choice and have 48 hours to choose whether they take up their powers.
The Elders
  • The Elders are senior witches. In the original series, Whitelighters had to work through the ranks to become Elders in their own right or they were chosen as Elders before they died as mortals.
  • Elders are people (witches) living among people on earth. In the original series, they lived in heaven.
  • In the original series, none of the Elders made any appearances until the fifth season, and they were originally referenced as they or them, before being known as the Elders until the third season.
  • Gods are magical, powerful beings. In the original series, they merely appear in essence that hijack bodies to grant them divine powers.

Actor Tributes

Subject Note(s)
  • It is possible that Brian was named after Brian Krause, the actor who played Leo Wyatt in the original.
Marisol Vera
  • It is possible that Marisol was named after Marisol Nichols, the actress who played Chris Halliwell's fiancée in the original series episode, 'Chris-Crossed' during Season 6.

Character Tributes

Subject Note(s)
Harry Greenwood
  • It is possible that Harry was named after Henry Mitchell, the husband of Paige Matthews in the original series. The name 'Harry' is often a shortened version of 'Henry'.
Melinda Warren
  • There is an Easter Egg in the Vera Book of Shadows that stems back to Melinda Warren, the founder of the Warren/Halliwell witch bloodline from the original series. Currently, it is unknown as to whether Melinda in this new series is an ancestor to the Vera family.
Parker Caine
  • Parker shares his name with Phoebe Halliwell's middle daughter, Parker from the original series and the comics.
Alastair Caine
  • Caine shares his first name with the Chameleon Demon also named Alastair in the original show.
  • However, the reboot's Alastair isn't a Chameleon Demon.
Jenna Gordonson
  • Jenna's name might be derived from the short-lived character of Jenny Gordon. Jenny was the niece of Piper's third love interest in the original series, Dan Gordon. Jenny was written out of the original show because of negative feedback from fans who deemed the character unnecessary and annoying.
Tessa Flores-Cohen
  • Despite obvious similarities shared with Natalie an Whitelighter from the original Charmed. Tessa got her name from an one shot character who was a college classmate of Phoebe's who ended up saving her.
Abigael Jameson-Caine Abigael tried to kill Macy at the end of Careful What You Witch For and in Deconstructing Harry, Mel called her "Abby". Ironically, there was a psychotic mortal in the original show named Abbey, who tried to kill Prue to replace her, because she was jealous of her life.

Spells and Potions

Spell or Potion Note(s)
Truth Serum
  • In the original show, the Halliwell sisters had a truth spell that wore off after 24 hours. In the reboot, the spell is replaced with a serum though it is unknown how long it lasts.

Episode Trivia

Number Episode Note(s)
1x06 Kappa Spirit Mel and Maggie went back in time after casting a spell to find out what type of evil spirit they are dealing with by revisiting the spirit's past. In the original show, time travel was a recurring theme.
2x01 Safe Space Macy, Mel, and Maggie lost their individual powers after going through a portal. In the original show, the sisters frequently lost their powers but nearly always get them back at the end of the episode.


  • In the original show, whenever a regular cast member was absent from an episode, their name and image in the opening sequence would be removed. In the reboot, whenever such absences occurred, the actors' names would be removed from the starring chart.
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