Simulation Creation is the power to generate realistic mental illusions and simulations.


This power is possessed by the training orb owned by Harry Greenwood which can generate any scenario the person carrying it desires, limited only by the user's imagination and creativity. The users of this orb can generate scenarios, simulations and extremely realistic illusions within their mind.


In Sweet Tooth, after realizing the Harbinger of Hell is set loose in Hilltowne, Harry used the training orb to conjure a combat simulation to train the Charmed Ones to fight an upper-level demon. During the simulation, the sisters were pursued by a skeleton demon which eventually tracked them down to a salt circle. However, the sisters each faced a problem in their training: Mel was overzealous and reckless with her powers, Macy kept getting in her own head, and Maggie’s attempts at juggling Kappa and witch duties had her succeeding at neither. Mel managed to vanquish the demon in the simulation by using a powerful spell, which Harry chastised her for.

Maggie used the orb in Out of Scythe to simulate her erotic fantasies regarding Lucy's ex-boyfriend, Parker Caine.

Known Users

Original power
Through spells, artifacts, power stealing, etc.

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