Sirens are a type of magical entities who kill mortals with their songs.


In Ancient Greece, one formless demon created the sirens' songs and gave them powers. However, the sirens gained the glory instead of him, which turned him into a rival. The Maestro was later trapped inside the Peripsych by the sirens.

In January 2019, Maggie Vera touched the Peripsych and heard Effie's scream for help, and believed that the Maestro was a siren. Maggie then tried to vanquish him with a Siren Vanquishing Spell only to learn the truth (he was a demon, not a siren).

Book of Shadows Entry

Sirens sing lethal melodies that have historically lured sailors to their deaths.
Although in recent years they have migrated inland from islands & coastal towns to terrorize land dwellers & sailors. Sirens most often manifest as ethereal women with enchanting voices...

Sirens are rendered harmless without their voice. Silence them and you will vanquish them.
Magical entities are protected from the Sirens song. Mortals may find temporary protection from the Siren's song by plugging their ears with beeswax.

Vanquishing Spell

Your voice I vanquish,
Your song I destroy,
Killer of man, Stealer of joy!
Die, Siren!


  • "The Devil's Tritone" is the sirens' favorite melody.
  • Harry was seen writing the Book of Shadows entry in Witch Perfect.
  • Harry said that "gender can be fluid", hinting that the sirens were both female and male.
  • The sirens in this new version are merely mortals who were enchanted by the Maestro to sing the Devil's Tritone to harm anyone who hears the song.
    • In the original, the sisters went up against the Siren, a demon who was once a mortal woman who had an affair with a married man and was burned for her sins while the man was freed of charge. The demon then targeted married couples by enchanting the males with her song, then incinerate their lungs when their wives return and finally kill them with fire.
  • The reasoning for a siren vanquishing spell is unclear as sirens in this series are taught their song by the Maestro, meaning that any being, namely mortals, could become a siren. The Hilltones, aside from Maggie Vera, were not even aware that they had been made into sirens. Unless, this fact was completely unknown before the events of Witch Perfect.


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