Smoking is a form of the power of teleportation, allowing users to teleport through a puff of smoke.


Several members of the Caine family have had this form of teleportation. Hunter Caine seemed to teleport using the same essence of his smoke form. Parker Caine's teleportation has been shown in a variety of effects. In Jingle Hell, Red Rain and Past is Present, his teleporting seems to radiate the essence of his shadow form, leaving a grayed black puff of smoke as he disappeared and reappeared. However, in The Source Awakens and The Rules of Engagement, Parker's teleportation seems to be synonymous with Hunter's smoke form, as he broke up into a steady stream of smoke and either sifted through or disappeared into the air. Abigael Jameson-Caine's teleportation appeared in this type of manner as well.

Viralis's teleportation was smoke-like in appearance, his body disappearing and reappearing in blue smoke with his glowing blue irises appearing usually before the rest of his body.

Known Users

Original Power
Through spell, artifact, power stealing, etc.

Similar Powers


  • In the original series, Smoking differed visually from user to user. This appears to be the case in the reboot as well. Also, it has thus far appeared to be one of the most inconsistently portrayed powers in the reboot.



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