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Someone's Going to Die is the second episode of the third season of Charmed and the forty-third episode of the series overall. It aired on January 31, 2021.


TRUST ISSUES – The Destruction of the Sisterhood looms large as the Charmed Ones (Melonie Diaz, Madeleine Mantock and Sarah Jeffery) face down The Faction. Harry (Rupert Evans) and Macy are divided over a potential ally – Julian (guest star Eric Balfour). Also starring Poppy Drayton and Jordan Donica.


Maggie has a terrible vision of someone dying. She tells her sisters. They head to the guardian to find out what is going on. The guardian tells them if anyone touches the black amber in her chambers then the dark ages might come about again. The sisters want to seal the door but then they cannot get her help. As they talk further about it, Maggie feels weak and faints.

Vivienne shows a buyer her device that collects magical powers. She tells her team that Julian has gone missing and he cannot be trusted. Meanwhile, Jordan heads through the woods to a house. Mel brings Maggie tea after her panic attack. They talk about her vision. Mel isn’t worried, they are back to the Power of Three.

Macy and Harry speak by phone with Julian who has taken Nadia's form. He is with Viv as she attempts to sell the prism device. Julian plans to get it. Harry worries he may double-cross them. Mel and Maggie are also scared.

Viv sees Nadia looking for the prism. Nadia lies, saying she wants to protect it from the charmed ones. Meanwhile, Macy gives Harry a set of magical headphones so they can communicate.

Outside of where the prism is, Harry calls the sisters. He cannot breach the perimeter. Maggie steps away to call Jordan. She tells him about her premonition. Mel meets with Ruby. Viv questions Nadia about an event from their past. She knows something is wrong.

Viv knows Nadia is Julian. Julian admits it is him. Harry gets in. Macy gets scared. With the help of Mel and Maggie, she goes to Harry. After casting the spell, Mel starts to bleed from her nose. Maggie panics. Mel drops to the ground.

Macy finds Harry. Together they locate Julian whose outward appearance is changing into himself. He no longer looks like Nadia. He is dying. Macy heads to find Viv. Harry stays with Julian who passes away.

Harry and Macy head back to the command center. They tell Maggie and Mel what happened. Minutes later Viv tries to get in. They try to seal the entry but Viv makes it through. She puts her hands into the basin, sucking up magical powers. The sisters come to. Viv laughs now filled with new powers. Together the sisters vanquish Vivienne.

The next morning, the world hears of Julian's death. Jordan returns to see Maggie. He talks about a magical errand and Abigael. Ruby and Mel meet. Harry and Macy plan a date.

Ruby begins coughing up ash. Mel brings her to see the others. They head into the Command Center under-chambers, where they speak with the guardian. Everything is ash. Something is very wrong.


Main Cast

Guest Cast


Magical Notes




  • Energy Blast Generation: Used by Vivienne to break into the Command Center.
  • Foresight: Used by Maggie to foresee the death of someone.
  • Healing: Used by Harry in attempt to heal both Julian and Ruby.
  • Mind Melding: Used by Vivienne to read Macy's mind.
  • Orbing: Used by Harry.
  • Petrification: Used by Vivienne to petrify Julian and another man.
  • Power Absorption: Used by Vivienne in an attempt to appropriate the powers of the Charmed Ones.
  • Smoking: Used by Vivienne to teleport.


  • Black Amber: A powerful magical substance. Vivienne used black amber to fuel her glove, and poisoned the black amber in the Command Center by touching it, thereby poisoning the magical world.
  • Book of Elders: The Elders’ tome of magic.
  • The Prism: An acquisition and retainment device. It looks like an iron glove with a crystal. Vivienne used it to wield the powers contained within, and to siphons magic directly into the device.


Answered Questions from Previous Episode(s)

  • Will Julian help the Charmed Ones?
    • Yes, which eventually leads to his death.
  • What does Vivienne want with magic?
    • To make mankind more powerful than magical creatures and destroy the magical world.
  • What is in the briefcase given to Vivienne?
    • A prism glove created to absorb and harness magical powers.

Unanswered Questions

  • How will the Charmed Ones save the magical world from its destruction?
  • What's going to happen to Rosemary Shea now that her brother and aunt are dead?
  • Where did Jordan Chase get the mysterious little bag?
  • What does Jordan keep in the little bag for Abigael?

References to the Original Charmed

  • Vivienne acquiring magic through technological means, which made her extremely powerful and dangerous. In the original series, the first mortal to gain magic was Dr. Curtis Williamson, who received the powers of the Charmed Ones when their blood was accidentally injected into his system.
  • The Charmed Ones overloading the glove with the Power of Three was similar to Leo overloading Lord Dyson with rage.
  • The contamination of the black amber, leads to a virus, which effects all members of the magical community. This was the plot of the episode "Hulkus Pocus", in the original series, in which a Virus, created by the American government in an attempt to grant demonic powers to soldiers, begins infecting members of the magical community.

Production Notes


Maggie: How did you do it, when you were in Afghanistan? How did you prevent yourself from panicking when there was death everywhere?
Jordan: Don't focus on the future. Just focus on the task in front of you. Breathe. Stay in the moment.
Maggie: Stay in the moment.

Macy: Earbugs, magical headphones. I really should patent these.




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